Modify Furniture


Modify Furniture is a design/build furniture studio based in Bridgeport, CT.
We are a small studio with big ideas.
We believe home is an extension of who we are, and we are all unique.
At Modify, we give you the tools to design furniture that is distinctly you.

Built for individuality

Our Polychrome Series is a clean, modern, and versatile line that gives you a blank canvas to explore, design and create your own look, and color your world with abandon. In addition to the Polychrome storage units, coffee table and desk, our small storage and accessory line is designed to coordinate with the Polychrome Series and maximize function in an innovative and stylish way. Ever evolving, adapting and reinventing ourselves is an inherent part of human nature, so we created our furniture to change with your tastes or needs. By offering colored sliding panels that are easy to swap, you can redesign your furniture every day. Furniture made to evolve with you. Darwin would be so proud!

Built for you

Modify furniture is custom-made to order. Our manufacturing process is optimized to quickly and efficiently get your furniture to you without compromising quality. Keeping all processes at or close to home, we are able to offer you a level of customization and quality that is often lost when products are made afar and shipped in volume.

How do we do it?
It starts with you. Simply pick the design, accessories and colors you like. Everything you want is just a simple click.
When an order is placed, we get to work cutting, drilling and carefully packing the aluminum frame components for delivery to our local powder coater.

While awaiting their return, we are working on your shelving components. We hand-sand each piece individually and finish them with an organic low VOC oil-wax. The bamboo surface is meticulously buffed to a silky luxurious finish.

Colored Polychrome Panels, made a few towns over at R and D Precision in Wallingford are made in small batches and stocked in-house for immediate use. Dave Harkness, the owner assures that every steel component is made to perfection.
When all components are back in the shop and ready, we hand-assemble, wrap and package each piece of furniture individually to ensure a safe trip to you. Our baking department kindly offers homemade biscuits to our delivery courier to ensure careful handling.
Built for creativity

Working in downtown Bridgeport, we can’t help but be inspired by the colors and creativity on every street. To us, art isn't just about going to a museum or gallery in the trendy part of town. We love the raw edgy talent we see walking down the city streets. Art that says, "we live here in the real world". The Modify After Dark Series celebrates these talented artists in our neighborhood and across the U.S.A. You can read about contributing artists, our vendors, customers and even our neighbors in the "Our Friends" page.

Built in Bridgeport

Each modify item is handmade at the Modify Furniture Factory in downtown Bridgeport, Ct, USA. Our materials are sourced locally by vendors with the same values as ours, dedicated using the highest quality materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing methods.
Built for a better future.

"Making the world a better place, one credenza at a time". At Modify being "green" doesn’t mean we spent too much time at the pub last night. Being "earthy" doesn't mean you need to eat chia seeds (thought they were planter-pets) with wheat grass. These days there are more palatable ways to feel closer to nature. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. At Modify, how we hit every corner of the green triangle.

Materials used:
We have carefully chosen each component of our furniture with design, function and sustainability in mind. By using rapidly renewable bamboo, recycled content aluminum, organic powder coating and low VOC finishes we offer you quality furniture that is safe for the environment and safe for your family. Read more about materials in our product info page

The core of our design is based on making long lasting, high quality and multifunctional products. With our made-to-order business model, we avoid overstock. With in-house manufacturing we can easily optimize processes to minimize waste. We source most of our materials from local vendors within 250 miles of our Bridgeport factory, saving energy by minimizing transportation.
Designed as a modular and versatile system, the polychrome series is built for repurposing. The clean simple and timeless design allows each piece to blend seamlessly into any room, any style. The colored panels are designed to be swapped, making it simple to "redress" your dresser. When your pink and purple-loving baby girl wants a new room with a distinctly "mature" black and white motif, you don’t need new furniture, just change the panels and instantly she's got the ultimate preteen room. Or we can help her display her own art or photography with our custom art panels.
Taking it into the future, we are planning our "PRP- panel recycling program" where you can donate or resell your "retired" panels. So when she's off to college- we can help you swap out those lovely doors!
You can be happy to know that we not only source our aluminum from a local vendor that uses 30% recycled content; we also recycle any scrap aluminum from our manufacturing process. Our accessory line is cleverly designed to use the leftover pieces of bamboo that would otherwise be scrap so our waste is typically under 5%. We are also happy to donate our extra shipping pallets to the Bridgeport-based Palatable Project where they are converted into vertical vegetable planters for the community