Art is not just a passion, it's a part of me.

Ever since I was a little girl I was intrigued by art. I was drawing and painting whenever I could. I was very excited when I got my first camera too. Everywhere I went, I took it with me and made pictures of everything I thought was interesting, beautiful, sad, funny or weird. When I'm photographing, I see the beautiful details what could be missed so easily if I didn't have my camera. I've learned that all those beautiful little things is what life makes so exciting, they will be in the end the big things in life.

My pictures, or my journey to make pictures, inspire me to make my paintings how they are now. Art is everywhere. It makes me feel awesome to create art and be able to express myself in a way I could never do with words.

I recently moved from the Netherlands to the US. I wasn't able to take my art with me but luckily I have tons of inspiration. Lets say: New start, new art!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my work =)

Rowan Elisa