Alex Buckman Studio


Colony explores the complexity and detail 3D printing can offer in lighting products. The Colony series comes in a Chandelier, floor lamp and pendant form. The Colony lighting series works as a fully functional light while celebrating the strong emotional response.

Colony has two elements. The first uses traditional materials and manufacturing techniques of aluminium giving the connections and fittings a clean and precise aesthetic.

The second element is the beautiful intricacies and complexities of the 3D printed form. Against the traditional material of aluminium, the 3d printed element draws the observer in to investigate the unfamiliar forms.

The juxtaposition of these two elements emit very different qualities, however, their relationship is seamless and in harmony. They Complement each other.

The LED component is recessed into the aluminium fitting reducing the harsh light and instead illuminating the form further accentuating its complexity.

Whether Colony is illuminated or dormant it is designed to intrigue, evoke emotion and complement the space it inhabits.