Art of Plants


My background is varied like the rainbow with highlights of neon technicolor. I have an industrial design and arts background along with a science and research background. Having tried my hands in both disciplines, I have come back to art which has always been my first passion.

Prior to having my kids, creating things with my hands has always brought me a source of contentedness and happiness that no other hobby or career has. I am lucky to be able to find the path back to making art. Furthermore, to be able to incorporate my knowledge of plants in the biological sense in my work has been extremely rewarding.

I am lucky to be able to change materials and experiment with new media, styles and textures. My current obsession is in wood bending. My materials all come from ecologically sustainable trees and recycled or upcycled materials.

Thank you for your support and encouragement in building this budding shop.

I design and make everything in my Brooklyn studio.