Britta Ambauen Jewelry


Britta Ambauen jewelry balances simplicity and intricacy, sophistication and youthfulness. Her designs feature clean lines, delicate details, and unique forms. Britta enjoys pairing natural gemstones to create color combinations that are subtle and expressive. Britta draws inspiration from art, nature, and her own life experiences.

Hand crafted at her studio in Austin, TX, Britta Ambauen jewelry is held to the highest quality standards. Materials include sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k gold, semi-precious and precious gems, silk, and leather. She uses a wide variety of techniques including wire wrapping, intricate cutting, bezel setting, and etching to create an eclectic product line.

Britta earned her BFA in fine art from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She began her career in jewelry design as an apprentice. After years of hard work at the jewelry bench, she launched her own jewelry line in 2009, with the goal of creating artistic jewelry that inspires the wearer. Beyond the studio, Britta is a marathon runner, skier, yogi and rock climber. These endeavors have helped her develop strength, endurance and balance... all useful to her career in jewelry.