Roya G. Art

Shipping & Policies

Payment must be paid in full including shipping costs before purchased item(s) can be shipped.

Paypal is the ONLY accepted method of payment.

Roya Gharavi Art is Paypal verified (2009).

SHIPPING & HANDLING : USPS - Standard Ground Delivery takes up to 10 business days from completion of payment.

Pertaining to Custom/Bespoke artwork:

PROGRESS REPORTS: Artist agrees to furnish the Purchaser with progress reports during the
creation of the work, which can include pictures of the work in progress. The pictures may be digital images and sent by email. A progress report will be sent upon request by the purchaser, but no more frequently than once a week for commissioned artwork.

OWNERSHIP: Upon final payment for the Work, the Purchaser becomes the legal owner of the Work with all rights and privileges, with the exceptions noted below.
REPRODUCTION RIGHTS: Artist retains all copyright rights and rights to reproduce the Work in all

RESTORATION: If the Work is damaged Purchaser will consult Artist before any restoration and must give Artist first opportunity to restore it, if practicable.

In the event that a return is needed, for any reason, please contact Roya Gharavi Art within 14 days. Returns due to damage, defective product, or wrong item shipped will be reviewed by our Customer Service department for proper return or disposal.
If merchandise is returned for reasons outside of those listed above, the customer is responsible for the return freight.