Pollen Nasturtium Earrings

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I decided to play with some shapes and vary from the perfect circle I have been using for so long. I took my inspiration from some nasturtium plants I had been growing on the fire escape. The irregular shape of the leaves intrigued me as I watered them day after day and with them in mind I stretched and hammered some perfect circles into a more organic shape. My colors are often inspired by nature and they take so well to this unusual leaf shape.

After I make a more organic shape the earrings are filled with crushed glass. Once the surface is well coated I torch fire the disc to fuse the crushed glass to the silver creating an even surface. I repeat the process until the surface of the silver is well covered in a rich hue. Once I solder posts to the back, add a satin finish and make the edges shine.

The final pieces are just about 10mm. These look like delicate blue petals with orange pollen sprinkled over it.

If you have any questions or special requests feel free to contact me. xo, kim

10mm, fine silver, sterling silver, sterling silver ear nuts, torch fired vitreous enamels

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