As Seen on Parenthood Repurposed Vintage Watch Movement Bridge P

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**I Currently have one of these made and ready. It is the exact piece pictured in the 2nd and 3rd photos**
Please note the unique etching, writing, serial numbers, etc. varies as each watch part is unique. They will only have the same shape and materials used to embellish it as the original piece that I designed and made, which was used on the show. Thank you!

 This pendant is made from a repurposed vintage watch movement bridge. I have altered it and embellished it to create a unique pendant. It was selected by the stylist of the show "Parenthood" on NBC to use on the character Natalie. The actual necklace she wore was exclusively designed and handcrafted by myself. This is not an imitation and is protected by copyright.  Chain is also available by request, if you prefer it over the black cord.

This design uses unconventional materials. Each movement is unique with unique etching, serial numbers or other wording, and sometimes slightly different in shape or direction. For this reason, this listing is really to show my customers the design and promote it being used on the show. I do have similar pendants that are sometimes in stock. If you don't see any in my watch movement section or the celebrity / tv show gifting section currently, check back periodically, because I will be adding more.

I also gifted 25 major celebrities versions of these pendants for an exclusive Earth day themed swag bag that they will receive on Earth Day in 2014. Some of the recipients include Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Woody Harrelson, Rachel McAdams, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Emma Watson, Adrian Greenier, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, John Mayer, and many more, only theirs were on chain instead of leather cord.

You can see the scale of the pendant in the photos of the character Natalie wearing it on Parenthood. The pendant is just over 1.5 inches long and it is on a leather cord that is approximately 19 inches long, but chain is available upon request.

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