Colony Chandelier

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Colony Chandelier consists of seven intricate 3d printed shades designed by Alex Buckman using digital craft. These shades are connected to CNC machined aluminium fittings that hold the LED and LED base.
The LED component is recessed into the aluminium fitting reducing the harsh light and instead illuminating the form further accentuating its complexity.
Whether Colony is illuminated or dormant it is designed to intrigue, evoke emotion and complement the space it inhabits.

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12v LED G4 base.

Height: 800mm
Width: 600mm

2 meter Stainless Steel Cable.
2 meter Electrical Cord.

Available in white and black.

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So we can make sure the quality of our lights are of the highest quality, we design and assemble all our lights in our studio in Wellington, New Zealand.
This means our product may take a little longer to get to you but we promise it will be worth the wait!

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