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Premium Edition Set with special black BÆNDIT POLARIZED lenses. Comes with custom see through Black box, Gold plated BAENDIT front logo signature pins and bandanna pouch.

All BÆNDIT sunglasses are BENDABLE and MODULAR. All BÆNDIT pieces are universal, so you can mix and match different colours and styles depending on how you feel!

Salvatore Giuliano was the original Italian “peoples bandit”. He rose to prominence following the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943.

Giuliano was the first bandit to be followed by mass media, mainly for his daring, good looks and theatrical flair. This notoriety caused great embarrassment to the Italian police that had 2000 men deployed against him. BÆNDIT in this edition commemorates Giuliano’s style and charm even in the hardest of circumstances.

Engineered with the new generation TR-90 polymer: lightweight, flexible and impact resistant. TR90 is a memory polymer material that is referred to as a plastic titanium. BÆNDIT eyepiece frame is so light that it almost floats, but also strong, with a resistance to deformation index of 620kg/cm2 and the ability to regain shape after deformation.
Custom newly developed BÆNDIT Polarized lenses made specifically for BÆNDIT with exact control of polarized axes, always eliminating the correct amount of glare to best enhance vision and filter out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC.
BAENDIT alloy is processed and engineered to reach exceptional reversible plasticity properties. Ductility and malleability performances allow the core of the temples and bridge to deform, hold and move back to the original position when pressure is applied. This is further enhanced by flexibility of the silicon casing and the fact that it is bonded to the alloy core. Additionally, each temple and nose bridge pieces are hand cut and 4 (temples) to 8 (nose) safety pins are hand welded to the main structure to work as a locking mechanism to the eye frame piece.
High Resistance Silicone-Rubber Elastomer cured and Injection molded with the alloy core to be permanently bonded. The molded Silicone casing provides the elastic capacity to follow the core in the deformation process and helps in the last 5% of returning to its original shape.
Frame Height: 49,1 mm
Total Width: 139 mm
Temples: 145,2 mm

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